At Russet House   our primary focus is packing private label sweet potato products you can call your own. We offer a full service team of professionals who excel in all areas of product development, quality assurance, graphic design, logistics as well as sales and marketing. We are experts on providing category Market Data based on Global trends and we are eager to share our knowledge to help you grow your business.
Product Development   happens at our state of the art manufacturing facility allows us to meet our customer’s needs for unique taste profiles effectively and efficiently. We meet with you to create and produce specialty and custom sweet potato products packed with your company’s name and logo.
Our R&D Team   is here to work with you to create batter formulas to meet your desire for  unique flavors or seasonings that complement the sweet potato. We have developed Gluten Free and Non-GMO batters and are currently manufacturing a Chipotle seasoned fry. The sky’s the limit, let us consult with you to formulate exactly what your customer’s want. It’s important to note the trend is for more unique flavors and seasonings, especially among the milennials . With eighty million millennials in America alone representing about a fourth of the entire population and $200 billion in annual buying power they will continue to heavily influence taste profiles in the food industry.