Non-GMO foods are free from techniques used to alter their molecular or cell biology. Consumers are aware of this today and are looking for foods that have not been genetically modified. With the growing demand for healthier food choices Russet House offers Non-GMO sweet potato fries packed for you under your brand.

We pay careful attention to consumer trends and our manufacturing facility is designed to produce the volume necessary to meet the consumer’s desire to feed their families a healthy diet free from genetically modified foods.

NON-GMO Sweet Potato Fries are available in both retail and food service.

Cut Sizes: 

  • 3/8 Straight Cut
  • 1/2 Inch Crinkle Cut
  • Plank Cut
  • 5/16 Straight Cut
  • Shoe String
  • Diced
  • Wedges

Sweet Potato Fries
Russet House exceeds your expectations with the best tasting CLEAN LABEL, Non-GMO sweet potato products packed under your brand. Our sweet potato products are also available in Organic for Retail and Food Service.

Russet House Potatos |Non-GMO Products

Sweet Potato Wedges
All the flavor of a baked sweet potato in a tasty, crispy Non-GMO gluten-free wedge.

Sweet Potato Wedges Russet House

Sweet Potato Gratin
Unique Sweet Potato Gratin prepared with red onion and smoked
provola cheese.

Sweet Potato Gratin by Russet House

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