Give your customers a real treat! Consumers are looking for new and delicious innovative side dishes with different  flavor options. Introducing THE ANSWER, a GRATIN!

Russet House Potato Gratins not only look good they taste amazing. The secret lies in steaming the potato slices until just tender and combining them with a delicious cream sauce.

This ensures that the potatoes retain all their natural flavor, and thanks to a clever mix of ingredients our Gratins really keep their shape, even after a holding time of more than an hour! It’s a quick and easy way to add this classic French dish to your menu or dinner plate.

Gratins are 3.5 oz and are available in:

Foodservice Pack:
6 bags of 15 count (90 Gratins to a case)

12 / 4 count per case

Club Pack:
8 / 12 Count per case

Flavor Profiles:

  • Sweet Potato and Cheese
  • Rosemary and Thyme
  • Cream and Swiss Cheese
  • Broccoli and Cheese
Gratins | Russet House Potatoes
Mozzarella Cheese & Sun Dried Tomato
Gratins | Russet House Potatoes
Cheese & Mushroom
Gratins | Russet House Potatoes
Cream & Swiss Cheese
Gratins | Russet House Potatoes
Broccoli & Cheese