Conventional Sweet Potato Fries remain a favorite and offer variety on your menu and in your frozen food case. The sweet potato fry craze is spreading outside of North America and Russet House is meeting those needs across the globe.

The overall popularity of the healthy sweet potato continues to grow and so does Russet House. We offer standard cut sizes but welcome a conversation with you to meet your particular needs. Please call our Sales office to speak with us about customizing a batter, developing a new flavor profile or creating a new cut just for you.

Cut Sizes: 

  • 3/8 Straight Cut
  • 1/2 Inch Crinkle Cut
  • Plank Cut
  • 5/16 Straight Cut
  • Shoe String
  • Diced
Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato Fries Russet House

Conventional Sweet Potato Fries
2 Batter Coatings are available on all cuts of fries.  Our TENDER CRUNCH batter is Gluten Free and our CRISPY WHEAT batter is a more substantial batter.  Our products are available in both retail and food service.


Organic Sweet Potato Products | Russet House

Country Style Sweet Potato
Fresh sweet potato blanched and fresh frozen to lock in the natural flavor.  Use as a side dish or ingredient for other dishes.  Various cut sizes.

Country Style Sweet Potatoes Russet House