Your Private Brand Specialists   We specialize in private brand sweet potato products.   Russet House offers a full service process that includes logistics, product development, quality assurance and graphic design. We have the expertise to grow your business and the flexibility to meet your needs whatever size company.

our company   Russet House became the third largest processor of sweet potatoes in North America by listening to what our customers wanted and staying on trend with healthier, better tasting sweet potato products.  Innovation and flexibility are at the core of our company’s culture enabling us to produce custom and specialty lines to global markets. We are customer focused and driven by a passion for producing potato products that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

State of the Art Manufacturing Facility   Staying on the cutting edge of new product trends allows Russet House to respond quickly to ever changing consumer demands. Our manufacturing facility was designed for maximum production flexibility for this very reason. Russet House meets the growing demand for Organic Sweet Potato Fries, Gluten Free fries as well as providing special flavor profiles such as our Chipotle Sweet Potato fries.

To be leaders in innovation it takes creativity, determination and passion all of which come naturally to our team who stand ready to go to work for you.

Steam Blanching Technology   As an innovator Russet House produces a superior sweet potato product by maintaining the nutrients, color and natural sweetness that Mother Nature puts into every sweet potato. We are able to achieve this through our steam blanching process.

Most processors water blanch their sweet potatoes which leads to depletion of the potato’s flavor necessitating the addition of sugar which consumers do not want to see on the ingredient deck of the foods they eat. Water blanching also results in a loss of nutritional value and strips the sweet potato of its vibrant orange color.

Because steam blanching minimizes the leaching of soluble solids (which leaves more natural sugars in sweet potatoes) it improves flavor retention and color retention to produce a final product with superior flavor, texture and color.

Today’s consumers read labels and buy the products that have a simple clean ingredient deck. Let Russet House pack your brand that can deliver a healthier and more delicious tasting sweet potato fry.

Russet House Sweet Potatoes State of the Art Manufacturing Facility
State of the Art Manufacturing Facility
Steam blanching Potatoes | Russet House
Steam blanching Potatoes

Serving Customers Around the World
Our humble beginnings in 2007 started with an abandoned textile factory in Huntington, Quebec which we revolutionized into a state of the art processing plant for the finest sweet potatoes harvested in North Carolina. We designed this manufacturing facility to meet your requirements for special taste profiles both efficiently and effectively. Our vision was to service the needs of our customers in a way that the large manufacturers could not with innovation, speed and customization.

Our team of industry professionals bring a wide array of talent and expertise in sales, production, logistics, custom design and packaging to produce superior potato products you can call your own.

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